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NCB Capital Launches Its All - New Fully - Integrated Tadawul Platform
  • Easy-to-use multi-channel e-trading platform features a comprehensive suite of tools and provides up-to-date market information and analytics
  • 50% discount on trading commissions through the mobile application in conjunction with the newly launched platform.

Riyadh, October 2015: NCB Capital, Saudi Arabia's leading provider of wealth management and investment services and the Kingdom's largest asset manager, has launched a brand-new AlAhli Tadawul platform designed to empower clients with more efficient tools and all the support and information they need to stay informed of the most promising investment opportunities available. The new AlAhli Tadawul now has an improved easy-to-control interface and features, the Smart Analytical Tools function, and the ability to trade via various trading channels.

"At NCB Capital we are keen to serve our clients and meet their every need by constantly improving our investment tools and services," said Sarah Jammaz Al-Suhaimi, CEO of NCB Capital. "To continuously develop our online services and enforce NCBC's position in the investment space, we have launched the new AlAhli Tadawul, an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform that equips investors with the right tools for making wise investment decisions".

The new AlAhli Tadawul platform features an interactive interface, fast execution and includes a range of new and improved features.

"By providing accurate up-to-date market information and smart analytical tools, all traders can make research-and- knowledge-based investment decisions in line with market trends," Al-Suhaimi added.

The new reports and Smart Analytical Tools include free features that automatically analyse the market and highlight promising opportunities.

The availability of various trading channels represents another key feature enabling traders to trade and keep track of stocks at any time and from any place. Additionally, the TeleTrading Service enables users to trade anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Providing live up-to-the-second stock prices is a free service available to all traders using NCB Capital's electronic trading channels.

Also of extreme importance to traders, NCB Capital confirmed a 50% discount on commissions during the first month of trading via mobile in conjunction with the launch of the new state-of-the-art platform.

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