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The NCB Capital Office

Today, NCB Capital opens a door into a new world of benefits and high-end Wealth Management services for you through the NCB Capital Office.

What is Wealth Management?

  • It is a financial service that provides you and your family with the right and appropriate investment advice.
  • Wealth management is a consultative and highly individualized way of planning your future investment objectives using a complete range of products, services, and strategies
  • Wealth managers listen to your needs, values, priorities, and understand your personal and business situations in order to create an individualized series of investment advice and recommendations that are completely tailored to your needs.
  • NCB Capital wealth managers are specialists in the sphere of investment services and have the capability and expertise to provide you with the best investment products, ideas, and economic researches.

How is Wealth Management Related to NCB Capital?

  • NCB Capital is the leader in wealth and asset management, it has the region's largest balance of assets under management.
  • NCB Capital offers a comprehensive range of investment products as well as unique investment services.
  • NCB Capital provides you with your own wealth manager to ensure that you are actively involved in your wealth management activities. This helps you validate your own investment choices with confidentiality and transparency.

What is The NCB Capital Office?

It is a service found in selected "Wessam" NCB branches; it provides you with direct access and interaction with your wealth manager. NCB Capital Office offers you an exclusive investment experience from a single location.

How will The NCB Capital Office Help You Make Investment Decisions?

Wealth managers at our NCB Capital Office will:

  • Analyze your investment portfolios performance;
  • Measure risk tolerance; and
  • Assess the annual or semi-annual distribution of assets in order to elevate your investments.

With the wealth manager’s guidance and the range of products, services, and strategies we provide, we will cater to all your needs, concerns, and values from one place!

So What's in it For You?

The NCB Capital Office is your key to obtaining advice that suites your financial situation and meets your investment objectives. Here, you can conduct various investment transactions and receive equity and economic research reports. Additionally, you will be receiving the best of both worlds; access to dedicated specialists in the two spheres of investment and commercial banking.

We will manage your investments with you, rather than manage it for you!

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About NCB Capital Office

NCB Capital is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with a paid up capital of SR1,000 million and is authorized by the Capital Market Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a license number 37-06046 granted by Capital Market Authority to carry out dealing, as principal and agent, and underwriting, managing, arranging, advising and custody, with respect to securities.
NCB Capital Company, CR1010231474, the registered office is at King Saud Road, NCB Regional Building P.O. Box 22216, 11495 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. +966 11 874 7106